SE24 second share launch

Have you ever wanted to get involved in generating clean solar electricity but don’t know how to start?

SE24 are investing in solar panels on community buildings, generating a 4% rate of return for investors, plus clean electricity and community benefits!

You can be part of it!

Invest in a brighter future – with SE24

Sustainable Energy 24 Ltd (SE24) is a community energy group based in South London.

We aim to encourage and develop locally-owned renewable energy projects, so we can all reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and put money back into the local community.

  • 50% funded
  • £100,937 pledged
  • 21 backers
  • 60 days to go

SE24 second share launch announced

SE 24 are raising £200,000 to be invested in solar panels, generating a 4% rate of return, clean electricity and community benefits! Sustainable Energy 24 Ltd (SE24) launched its first share offer last Summer. We raised £80,000 from investors and…


Invitation from Community Energy London for Community Energy Fortnight – event on 28 June 2017

The Community Energy sector has faced a series of challenging setbacks over the past 18 months as a result of changes made by the Government to a number of support mechanisms. These changes have adversely impacted on plans many community…


Join SE24 at Herne Hill Market or Ruskin Park Fete

With SE24’s new share offer about to be launched we will  be at Herne Hill market on Sunday afternoon (18 June) and at Ruskin Park Fete on 24 June. Come and meet us and find out more about what you…


7 June 2017 was a day to celebrate! Renewable energy sources provided more than half UK electricity for first time

I am sure that this news won’t have passed you by but for all of us who are working or volunteering in the community energy or renewable energy business this news was such a major encouragement. On Wednesday 7 Jun…


SE24’s Harriet Lamb shares her belief in community power

During January we are  using our blog space to give each of the SE24 team the opportunity to share their vision. Harriet Lamb, vice-chair of SE24, shares her vision of what people can achieve when they work together in community.…


SE24’s Mark Hughes looks back at what has been achieved in 2016

Big wins from 2016 I’m looking forward to 2017. Are you? It is easy to feel despondent or powerless after some of the tragic setbacks of 2016: the world at its highest temperature ever, the Trump election victory, the slashing…


SE24 welcome James Mudie to the team

My name is James, a recent Biology graduate volunteering with SE24. I’ve joined meetings with current and potential future partners and have been working on our online content. I see this as great opportunity to take a role in an…


SE24 at Speak Up for the Climate

              Helen Hayes led the great list of speakers at this event. Pictured here with SE24’s Mark Hughes who is also Chair of the Dulwich and West Norwood Climate Change Coalition who organised the…


Dulwich and West Norwood climate change survey

What are you already doing about climate change in your own community. Start by taking this survey to tell us what you are doing already.


Climate change film by Leonardo di Caprio