Share offers

The story so far…

Phase 1 projects: Summer 2016

Sustainable Energy 24 Ltd (SE24) launched its first share offer in Summer 2016. We raised £80,000 from local investors and completed two of the three roof-top solar photo-voltaic projects that were in the portfolio at that time. For the two completed projects – at Herne Hill United Church  and Herne Hill Methodist Church Hall – SE24 managed to capture the higher levels of Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) that provided the impetus for creating many Community Energy businesses across the country. The funding that wasn’t needed in relation to the third project was returned to investors. As promised repayments have now begun to those who invested in Phase 1.

Phase 2 projects: July 2017-May 2018

The Phase 2 share offer was much more ambitious. In June 2017 we sought (and raised) over £200,000 to install more than 650 panels across three sites at St Christopher’s Hospice, Dulwich College Lord George Building and Dulwich College Swimming Pool. 42 local investors invested amounts ranging from the minimum £500 to the maximum £20,000.

These Phase 2 installations are now complete and generating clean electricity. Share certificates have been issued to investors and surplus capital returned.  Repayments will begin in 2019.

Phase 3 projects: 2019

We did not make a share offer in 2019 as our only project was grant funded. The 76 panel installation at Walworth Methodist Church was supported by  a grant from London Community Energy Fund to cover the research and planning stages; and a grant from the British Airways Carbon Fund to cover the capital costs of the panels and their installation.

Phase 4 projects: the future

Despite losing the feed-in-tariff as a result of changes to government policy we will continue to actively investigate larger projects which might be viable without it. So there will possible be future share offers.

Please contact us to be put on the e-mailing list to be informed of future opportunities to invest.