Let the sun shine on those panels!

It’s a sunny Bank Holiday Monday. So what better time to review what SE24 have been doing over the summer.

We’re really pleased to announce that the St Christopher’s solar project is approaching the final commissioning stage and we expect handover from the contractor, GHG Energy, to SE24 in the next couple of weeks.  The photographs show the panels in position on the hospice’s upper and lower roofs.  We expect to start generating clean green electricity by mid-September. Together these two installations will add another 215 panels and 50kW peak output capacity to the SE24 portfolio.

We have experienced some programme delays with the next two installations (at Dulwich College) owing to legal issues.  But we’re pleased to say that these have now been resolved and we’re in the process of agreeing with the college the re-programming of the works for a start, hopefully, in September.  We will keep you posted on developments.

Thanks to all our investors who have made this progress possible. It’s another big step in the SE24 journey.

Alan Jones

Chair of SE24