There is a lot going on at the moment around solar and other renewable energies. Throughout the UK and Europe, and around the world, local and national groups are really making difference. Here are some examples which inspire us.

Our neighbours: SELCE 

who work for a similar objective in Lewisham and Greenwich and who have advised us. We are intending that our projects will be jointly managed with SELCE to achieve economies of scale.

selce 1038

Our mentors: Ovesco

in setting up SE24 we were mentored by OVESCO – a wonderful group down based in Lewes who have achieved a lot already and have vision for much more.

Ovesco Screenshot 1038

Our national organisation: Community Energy England


Community Energy England 1038


Advising local energy cooperatives and communities

Pure leapfrog flyer 1038

Here comes the sun

An inspiring (even if a little out of date) video about solar power.

Sun documentary 1038