We’re dreaming of a green Christmas

Over the Autumn SE24 has been proceeding with solar PV installations at St Christopher’s Hospice and Dulwich College.

Since our last update, progress has been slower than we had hoped and expected. But the good news is that having overcome each new challenge, we expect to have virtually all the promised installations complete by Christmas and in January they should all be generating clean, green electricity in time for that beautiful spring sunshine we are all looking forward to.

Here is the latest from each of our locations.

St Christopher’s Hospice, Lawrie Park Road

The main St Christopher’s installation is complete and has been generating green electricity since early November. We are so pleased to see all our hard work resulting in some real community benefits (saved money for the hospice) and environmental benefits (saved CO2 emissions).

There will be a formal opening of the installation in the New Year to which all SE24 investors and friends will be invited (hopefully including a sunny rooftop photo opportunity). We will send you an invitation as soon as we agree a date.

Dulwich College

There are two separate sites at Dulwich College:

Lord George Building

Our contractors cannot work on this site during term-time, so our first array was installed in the Autumn half term.  The second array and associated electrical works are scheduled for the first week of the Christmas holidays with final commissioning and start of generation in early January.

Swimming Pool Building

This site is not subject to the same working restrictions as the Lord George Building and our hope had been to start installation in November.  However, because of the complexity of the leasing arrangements we did not get sign off until early December. However, we are now on site, the installation process has commenced, and we hope to complete both arrays before Christmas.

This installation should also be commissioned and ready to start generation in early January.

Once all installations are complete we will be able to re-calculate the projections made in the Share Offer document and issue share certificates to investors.  Based on the above programme we plan to do this early in the New Year.

This is an aerial view of the first of the two solar PV arrays on the Lord George Building at Dulwich College.  It comprises 108 panels that will generate some 26MWh of electricity and save around 14 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.  The second array should be operational in early January.